Historic Plaques

There are dozens of commemorative plaques in Ottawa, placed by the municipal, provincial and federal governments. These plaques recall a person or an event, such as the founding of a city or an institution. Many have to do with subjects connected to the city’s Francophone history. How many of them could you name? Do you know where they are, in what neighbourhood? Here are six examples of plaques erected by the Ontario Heritage Trust:

Mother Élisabeth Bruyère, 1818-1876, founder of the Ottawa community of the Sisters of Charity
Mother Bruyère opened a hospital, a school and a convent in Ottawa during the 1840s. 

The plaque is located behind the mother house of the Ottawa Sisters of Charity (25 Bruyère Street).

Marie-Rose Turcot, 1887-1977, writer and folklorist
The plaque is located behind the Rideau Street Branch of the Ottawa Public Library (377 Rideau Street).

École Guigues and Regulation 17; the school was the centre of the resistance to Regulation 17
The plaque is located on the front of the school building (159 Murray Street).

The University of Ottawa, Canada’s first bilingual university
The plaque is located beside Tabaret Hall, near Laurier Avenue East (550 Cumberland Street).

Carlsbad Springs, a small community east of Ottawa
The plaque is located beside the mineral springs, south of Highway 26, west of Bear Brook and Carlsbad Springs, 12 km north of Ottawa on Highway 417.