Quick reference of Ottawa's french history (1826-2006) :

1826    Village of Bytown created                                           
1827    Bytown's first bilingual catholic church opens                      
1830    Jean-Baptiste St-Louis Builds Bytown's first sawmill                          
1826-1832       Rideau canal construction 
1832    First catholic school built at the corner of Sussex and St. Patrick streets
1833    François Dupuis and family are Orléans' first settlers             
1844    Arrival of the "Pères Oblats de Marie-Immaculée" (Oblate Fathers)
1845    Arrival of Sister Élisabeth Bruyère, founder of the Sœurs de la Charité, also known as Sœurs
            grises de la Croix
1845    Sœurs de la Charité open first bilingual school                 
1846    Village of Carlsbad Springs created                                                    
1847    Bytown incorporated (legaly established– 1850)
1848    Cumberland post office opens                                        
1848    Collège Saint-Joseph founded (will later become the University of Ottawa)
1850    Township of Gloucester created
1852    Cercle littéraire founded (will later become l’Institut canadien-français     d’Ottawa)
1852    Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste d’Ottawa founded                                 
1854    First train arrives in Ottawa                                                                 
1855    Bytown becomes a city and is renamed Ottawa
1856    Ottawa Separate School Board/Conseil des écoles séparées d'Ottawa created
1857    Ottawa designated capital of the Province of Canada             
1860    Paroisse St-Joseph d’Orléans created                                                  
1858    Le Progrès newspaper created                                                      
1861    Le Courrier d’Ottawa newspaper created                                                
1861    Village of Navan founded 
1863    l’Union St-Joseph d’Ottawa founded (known today as Union du Canada)
1864    Arrival of the Frères des écoles chrétiennes (Christian Brothers)
1866    Collège de Bytown becomes University of Ottawa
1867    Ottawa becomes the capital of Canada                                       
1868    Arrival of les Sœurs de la Congrégation de Notre-Dame  
1868    Building of Montréal road                                             
1872    Paroisse de Cyrville created                                                                
1872    Building of Martineau Hotel, Murray street
1873    Paroisse Saint-Jean-Baptiste d’Ottawa founded, the city's first french language church 
1884    Arrival of les pères dominicains (Dominican Fathers)
1885    Couvent des Sœurs de la Charité opens in Gloucester(Orléans)        
1887    Arrival of les Adoratrices du Précieux-Sang-de-Jésus
1889    Collège d’Ottawa becomes University of Ottawa 
1889    First school opens in Janeville (known today as Vanier) 
1891    Arrival of les Filles de la Sagesse (Daughters of Wisdom) 
1896    Le Temps newspaper created (ceased publication in 1916)
1897    School opens in Navan
1900    Major fire in Ottawa-Hull
1900    Collège dominicain de théologie et de philosophie founded
1903    Fire at the University of Ottawa                              
1904    Monument national d’Ottawa opens (closed in 1938)                      
1905    l’Alliance française d’Ottawa founded                                                  
1909    Janeville and Clarkstown merge : named Eastview
1910    l’Association canadienne-française d’Éducation d’Ontario founded
1912    First Caisse populaire founded (Sainte-Anne d’Ottawa)             
1912    Eastview (renamed Vanier in 1969) becomes a city               
1913    Le Droit publishes its first edition                                      
1914    Fédération des femmes canadiennes-françaises founded                
1915    Monument Samuel de Champlain erected at Nepean point              
1916    Teacher strike and occupation of l’École Guigues                               
1917    Le Courrier fédéral newspaper founded (ceased publication in 1925)
1918    First french speaking scout troupe (Notre-Dame d'Ottawa)  
1919    Sœurs de l’Institut Jeanne d’Arc founded, the diocese's first religious sisters congregation
1922    St-Joseph d’Orléans becomes a village 
1924    Saint-Vincent hospital opens                                                      
1926    l’Ordre de Jacques-Cartier created (disolved in 1965) 
1934    Jacques-Cartier cross erected on Montreal road
1944    Société Richelieu founded (later renamed Richelieu International)         
1947    Eastview (known today as Vanier) changes 50 street names to reflect the city's french
1949    l’École secondaire Eastview opens, the first bilingual secondary school
1953    Montfort Hospital opens
1967    Blackburn Hamlet created                                             
1969    Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton created                             
1969    Eastview changes its name to Vanier                                                 
1976    Festival franco-ontarien created                      
1981    Liaison magazine is created 
1981    Gloucester becomes a city                        
1981    Nepean becomes a city     
1983    L’École secondaire De-La-Salle creates an arts concentration             
1986    Fondation franco-ontarienne created      
1988    Conseil scolaire de langue française d’Ottawa-Carleton created   
1989    Regroupement des organismes du patrimoine franco-ontarien created
1990    Cité collégiale opens
1997    SOS Montfort rally at Ottawa Civic Centre (10 000 people) 
1998    Creation of Conseil scolaire des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario
1998    Creation of Conseil des écoles catholiques de langue française du Centre-Est
2001    Jeux de la francophonie held in Ottawa 
2005:   150th anniversary of the establishment of the City of Ottawa.
2006 - 2007    Erection of 6 Monuments de la francophonie d’Ottawa 2007: 150th anniversary of Queen
            Victoria’s designation of Ottawa as the capital of Canada.
2009: 100th anniversary of the Grotte de Lourdes, located in Vanier.
2010:  100th anniversary of L’Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario (AFO), also known under the
            names L’Association canadienne-française d’éducation d’Ontario (ACFEO) and L’Association canadienne-française de l’Ontario (ACFO).
2010: establishment of La Radio communautaire francophone d’Ottawa (RCFO).

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