Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day (June 24th),
popular annual celebration
The feast day of Saint-Jean-Baptiste on 24 June was celebrated in the streets of Lower Town in Ottawa every year from the 1870s until the 1970s. The festivities attracted huge crowds and thousands of French Canadians took part in the procession of 20 or so allegorical floats sponsored by numerous associations and institutions. Since 1975, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day has been celebrated during Le Festival franco-ontarien with parades and other forms of entertainment. In 2009, volunteers in Vanier revived Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day festivities on 24 June in Richelieu Park as the feast day of all French-Canadians. The event featured traditional French Canadian food and evening entertainment. It was organized by Vanier Museopark, ACFO d’Ottawa, Centre Richelieu-Vanier, Knights of Columbus, Club Richelieu Vanier-Laurier, Vanier Branch of the Ottawa Public Library, the Vanier Community Services Centre, members of the Optimist Club of Vanier, Focus-Vanier and Action Vanier Sugar Bush.