City of Ottawa Archives
(111 Sussex Drive – until December 2010; new building at 100 Tallwood Drive, corner of Woodroffe, as of January/February 2011)
Founded in 1977, the City Archives are a local heritage conservation centre. It is the only municipal program mandated to make the documentary heritage of Ottawa available to the public, now and in the future. They are a...More

Centre for Research on French Canadian Culture
(CRCCF), University of Ottawa (65 University Street)
Le Centre for Research on French Canadian Culture (CRCCF) was founded in 1958 to research French-Canadian literature. In 1963, other disciplines were added, including history and fine arts. Since 1969, it has also been t...More

Ottawa Room, Ottawa Public Library
(120 Metcalfe Street)
The Ottawa Room collection was set up in 1955 during the City of Ottawa centenary celebrations. This unique collection is focussed on the preservation of the written heritage of the City of Ottawa, and provides researche...More