The former Académie De La Salle
(373 Sussex Drive)
This building is the cradle of French-language secondary education in Ottawa. Built in 1852 as Bytown College, the building was put up for rent in 1856 and became a hotel, while the College moved to the current site of the University of Ottawa. From 1866 to 1870, the site was a military barrack. From 1870 to 1879, the barrack was a parish school under the Ottawa Separate School Board. In 1879, the property was bought by Les Frères des écoles chrétiennes, who turned it into a private business and science school. From 1899 to 1970, the Académie De La Salle occupied the site. During its 120 years of existence, this institution welcomed thousands of students. Since 1970, the building has been occupied by federal government offices.