Beechwood (1873)
This cemetery, on Beechwood Avenue, was opened in 1873 and today is one of the country’s most beautiful, occupying a 160-acre, wooded site. Once seen as Anglo-Protestant, over time it has become Ottawa’s primary multicultural, multiconfessional cemetery. Italians, Latvians, and Greeks, to name just a few, have chosen Beechwood as their final resting place. 

Many significant Ottawans and Canadians are buried here: former Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden, former Governor General Ray Hnatyshyn, politician Tommy Douglas, engineer and scientist Sir Sandford Fleming and poets Archibald Lampman, Duncan Campbell Scott and William Wilfred Campbell.

There are also special sections reserved by the Chinese, Portuguese, Ukranian, Greek, Polish and Lebanese communities. Declared a National Historic Site in 2002, Beechwood Cemetery is also the National Military Cemetery and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Memorial Cemetery. Many prominent local and regional figures are buried here.