Ottawa Room, Ottawa Public Library
(120 Metcalfe Street)
The Ottawa Room collection was set up in 1955 during the City of Ottawa centenary celebrations. This unique collection is focussed on the preservation of the written heritage of the City of Ottawa, and provides researchers and citizens interested in local history with works on Ottawa as well as numerous historical and literary works by Ottawa authors. Since 1973, the collection has been housed in a special room, the Ottawa Room, located on the 3rd floor, and is an integral part of the Main Branch Reference Department.


The holdings in the Ottawa Room include past and present information on Ottawa and its environs, as well as numerous municipal archives, including all municipal by-laws. The holdings also include over 25 000 works, documents and reports; over 1 200 maps; documentation on some 1 550 subjects of local interest; 109 microforms; a collection of community newpapers; over 500 local school yearbooks and directories. The Ottawa Room also contains noteworthy holdings pertaining to various local themes, including: Architecture, Festivals, Industry, Biography, Geography, Local Elections, Culture, Genealogy, Municipal Administration, Demography, Heritage, Police and Law Enforcement, Education, History, Literature, Tourism.