Tabaret Hall, University of Ottawa
(550 Cumberland Street)
After the original building on this site was destroyed by fire in 1903, this neoclassical building, designed by New York architect A.O. Von Herbulis and inspired by the Capitol in Washington, was erected on the site. It features classic Greek architechture with monolithic ionic columns and a pediment portico, which give it a distinctive look. The hall was built in stages: after the main building, wings were added in 1914 and 1922. A chapel, which serves as a concert hall, was added in 1931. Originally, the building housed student and professor dormitories, a refectory, a chapel, a gymnasium, classrooms and offices. Since 1971, the main building has been known as Tabaret Hall, in honour of Father Joseph-Henri Tabaret, considered the founder of the university. Today it houses the university administration, registrar and several other services. The portico has been the University of Ottawa symbol for over a century, and the giant columns in front inspired the design of the University of Ottawa logo.